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Webidoo SpA, a digital company specializing in the development of technologies and services for business digital transformation, presents a detailed overview of digital trends in the Food sector, based on the study of a sample of more than 1,000 SMEs.

L’analisi è parte integrante del report SME Digital Growth IndeX 2023 – The Role of Digital Evolution in European Business Growth presentata lo scorso novembre al Parlamento Europeo, che offre una visione approfondita della digitalizzazione delle PMI dell’UE.

Read the full press release here.

March 2024

On November 28, Webidoo SpA presented to the European Parliament its first in-depth study on the European digital landscape in the SME world conducted by Webidoo Insight Lab.

Italy ranks 19th out of 27 countries, behind leaders Denmark, Sweden and Malta, with Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania at the bottom of the list.

Read the entire press release here

November 2023

ESPRINET (PRT:IM), Southern Europe’s leading group in consulting, sales and rental of technology products and information security, has signed a distribution agreement with Webidoo, a digital company specializing in the development of technology and organizational solutions for the digital transformation of companies.

The agreement includes the distribution of Jooice, the all-in-one digital marketing platform for SMEs protected by a double patent that also integrates Welpy, the first smart marketing assistant for companies and professionals; WebiExport360, a consulting package dedicated to companies that want to embark on an internationalization path through the Alibababa.com platform; and WebiLink: the service designed for companies that want to exploit LinkedIn’s potential for social selling.

Read the full press release here

November 2023

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