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Digital transformation is a complex field in which very different needs are required. We have chosen to address them by dedicating a specific organizational unit to each.

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We are a martech company: we enable change and foster the growth of every business through the development of technologies that improve the competitiveness of companies.

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Webidoo continues its path of growth and announces the establishment of the Advisory Board: a team of experts in the various fields of technology and innovation will work alongside management to meet the challenges of the current landscape.

The choice responds to the strategic need to strengthen management and the board through daily discussions with first-rate professionals on core issues such as financial strategy, international growth, fintech, and more.

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September 2023

BPER Bank and Webidoo SpA announce a strategic partnership to support the internationalization and digitization of B2B SMEs.

L’accordo prevede un pacchetto di consulenza alle aziende che desiderano intraprendere un percorso di sviluppo internazionale, in particolare servendosi della piattaforma Alibaba.com e degli strumenti di LinkedIn per il social selling.

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September 2023

Webidoo and IC&Partners are launching Digital +Export to help Italian SMEs tackle the internationalization process and open up to new markets.

Digital +Export has emerged from the well-established collaboration between two companies with the common goal of growing businesses by providing 30 years of experience in export consulting on the one hand, and established expertise in digital services on the other.

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September 2023

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