SME Digital Growth IndeX 2023

The Role of Digital Evolution in EU Business Growth

What is the Report about?

In the current digital context, having access to structured data is essential for businesses aiming to understand market trends. However, the existing indices, while providing a macro-level analysis of digitalization, often overlook the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and fail to capture the most strategic elements for their economic growth.

This reflection underscores the need for a new approach that goes beyond quantifying digital presence and technological adoption. It should interpret the impact on business performance and growth potential. A more targeted and specific analytical approach is necessary to comprehend the correlation between digitalization and the economic growth of SMEs. Addressing this need is the SME – Digital Growth Index developed by Webidoo Insight Lab and featured in this report.

Read the Report

Here’s a preview of what you will find in the report ‘SME Digital Growth IndeX 2023 – The Role of Digital Evolution in EU Business Growth’.

To read the full document and delve deeper into the subject, download the complete report.

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