Webidoo Gaming

Webidoo Gaming

The rise of gaming as a business tool

Webidoo Gaming is the business division that explores the business opportunities offered by esports as an emerging marketing channel and makes them accessible to businesses that want to explore them further.

It is estimated that more than 1.6 million people follow esports on a weekly basis, with a turnover worth about 47 million euros.

Digital solutions for business growth

Webidoo Gaming has an ambitious business model: on the one hand the company grows teams of gamers who participate in major international competitions, and on the other hand it seizes the opportunities offered by an almost unexplored marketing channel.

It does so with new communication modes and emerging tools, such as team sponsorship and Twitch ad campaigns.

Webidoo Gaming also promotes educational activities and exchange opportunities to create culture and professionalism in the world of esports through the actions of the Webidoo Gaming Academy.

Discover gaming opportunities for businesses

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