Webidoo Store

Webidoo Store

The innovation franchise

Webidoo Store is the division that explores the world of retail, transforming the concept of the store as we have always understood it, into a hub of innovation.

Webidoo Store is the physical and online store where you can find the most innovative products on the market.

Digital solutions for business growth

What drives the customer is the experience, the chance to touch the most futuristic technologies and try them out without necessarily having to buy them, through the try&buy formula.

The project’s pilot store is located in Milan, in the heart of the city’s technology district, at 12 Via Amerigo Vespucci.

The innovation hub for SMBs

Webidoo Store is not only a store aimed at the B2C audience, but it is also a place that explores B2B and reaches out to businesses in different ways:

  • Advice: entrepreneurs who enter the store can get advice on the most useful digital services to grow their business;
  • Product testing: companies can make their products available for rental with the goal of testing market reactions and acquiring feedback from those who have used them;
  • Events: in the spaces of the store, companies can organize events, product presentations or team-building moments by taking advantage of the potential of a futuristic and stimulating environment where the future is at home.

Discover the most innovative products chosen for you

Gaming, smart home, fitness, outdoor, smart mobility, electronics and more: Webidoo Store has everything a tech lover could want.

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