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The innovation push every business needs

We look far ahead, convinced that evolution is an opportunity to be seized by businesses of all types and sizes. We study and implement the best digital solutions with which to develop the business of those who choose us. We are constantly growing and we want the same for our clients.

We design cutting-edge technologies and facilitate their adoption by our clients to foster harmonious growth of the entire system. We develop products that facilitate change, concrete tools that make companies’ lives easier.

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Skills and visionary abilities characterize us-they are what allow us to go far to investigate the boundaries of innovation and always come back with something interesting with which to enrich what we do.

We can count on a solid sales network, a specialized factory, a state-of-the-art R&D department, and a proprietary SME digitization observatory. All assets that enable us to act effectively in the market and anticipate our customers’ needs.

Our evolutionary path

We were born to bring Italian SMEs closer to digital.

Today we are an international company that explores innovation and makes it accessible to all kinds of businesses, from local ones to large global enterprises.

In between is everything that has made us who we are.

Webidoo is born
Giovanni Farese, Daniel Rota and Egidio Murru, three managers united by their passion for technology and innovation, decided to start the company.
Webidoo Farm is born
The company grows with the establishment of the Webidoo Farm in Castellana Grotte, in the province of Bari, the actual center of operations for Webidoo.
Webidoo Balkans is born
Webidoo expands its boundaries and opens its first office outside Italy, in Tirana, Albania.
Banca Generali and TIM invest in Webidoo
With a €6 million Series A Round, Banca Generali's 8a+ Fund and TIM Ventures join the corporate fold.
The first Webidoo Store opens
Webidoo opens Europe's first tech experience store in Milan, where you can find all the most innovative products on the market.
Webidoo Spain is born
Webidoo continues its foreign growth with the opening of its Tenerife, Spain office.
Webidoo launches Jooice
In October, Webidoo launched its first technology product, entirely conceived, designed, developed and patented by its in-house R&D department, in collaboration with Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Webidoo Inc is born
Webidoo lands overseas and opens in the United States, with dual headquarters in Chicago and Boston.

An international partner for digital growth

We were born in Italy but look abroad to open up to new markets.

We have three offices in Italy, in Milan, Rome and Bari; one in the Balkans, in Tirana; one in Spain, in Tenerife; and two in the United States, in Chicago and Boston.

With a wide network of partnerships, we can work worldwide and ensure support for our clients globally.

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