R&D Department

R&D Department

In constant pursuit of change

Our R&D department is a strategic asset through which we study how to intercept customer needs and develop advanced solutions to respond to new market demands.


We do this through a team of focused professionals and a network of structured collaborations that includes universities, public and private entities, and research centers at Italian and international levels.


It is precisely from the collaboration between the R&D department and Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that Jooice was born, the first all-in-one platform that unifies and simplifies the management of companies’ digital activities and accelerates their evolution. Jooice is a double-patent protected technology that also integrates artificial intelligence within it.

It is through collaborations like this that we are able to anticipate customers’ needs and create advanced technological solutions that are offered to the market, just when it is most ready to receive them.

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