Top Management

Evolving stories, professionalism and people

Innovative vision, propensity for change, looking to the future. These are the characteristics that unite the founders and managers of Webidoo.

We entrust the evolution of our group to a team that experiences growth as the only way forward, knowing that technology and innovation are indispensable to achieving success.


Giovanni Farese

General Manager

Daniel Rota

Chairman & CEO

Egidio Murru

Head of SMB’s Digital Transformation

Giovanni Buggio

Head of Digital Factory 

Ester Pescio

Head of Technology R&D

Jordi Gili

Country Manager Spain

Alessandro Luceri

Chief Commercial Officer

Federico Salvitti

Chief Marketing Officer

Mallorie De Riggi

Head of Global Marketing

Stefania Ingannamorte

Head of Strategy

Flavio Rinaldi

Chief Production Officer

Elisabetta Pagone

General Counsel

Siti del Gruppo

Insieme alle PMI nella trasformazione digitale

I contenuti al centro del business

Il franchising dell’innovazione

L’ascesa del gaming

Un concentrato di digital marketing

Group Sites

Together with SMEs on their journey of evolution


Content at the heart of business

The innovation franchise

The rise of gaming

A concentrate of digital marketing