Organizational structure

Organizational structure

The future in DNA

We are a group with many souls, all united by the same drive for the future.

We move between digital services for SMEs, new forms of retail, organizational consulting for large companies and research and development of innovative products.

We work with highly specialized business divisions that enable us to stay one step ahead, ready to anticipate the evolving needs of our clients.

We do this with the aim of putting new technologies at the service of the growth of businesses of all types and sizes, in Italy and abroad.

MartTech Services

Webidoo Digital Services

The business division that caters to SMEs that want to grow with digital tools.


The first platform that simplifies and unifies digital marketing management in one hub.

Tech Retail

Webidoo Store

Europe’s first tech experience store where you can find all the best in technology.


Webidoo Factory

The division that supports structured companies through the creation of content factories.

Research and development

Webidoo Coding

The division that develops new technologies to support clients in their digital evolution.

New Frontiers

Webidoo Chain

The business division specializing in creating Web3 projects for enterprises.

Siti del Gruppo

Insieme alle PMI nella trasformazione digitale

I contenuti al centro del business

Il franchising dell’innovazione

L’ascesa del gaming

Un concentrato di digital marketing

Group Sites

Together with SMEs on their journey of evolution


Content at the heart of business

The innovation franchise

The rise of gaming

A concentrate of digital marketing

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